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Tellioglu Group of Companies

Tellioğlu Group of Companies started its activities in 1982 with the establishment of the Tellioğlu Flour Factory in Balıkesir. The Tellioğlu Flour factory, which has become stronger with its continuous investments, has reached a daily capacity of 1000 tons and more than 20 product types.
The Tellioğlu Group, which makes separate analyzes and follow-ups for each type of flour with the value it attaches to technology and science, has gained an important place in the sector with its domestic sales and foreign exports, based on quality flour production and customer satisfaction.
Tellioğlu brand, which has always been the pioneer of firsts in Turkey, has produced different products with yellow flour from durum wheat, whole wheat flour from stone mill and certified organic flour.


The Tellioğlu group, which invested in a feed factory in 1995, started the production of cattle, small cattle and poultry feed. It continues to be a reliable brand preferred in various cities of Turkey, especially in Balıkesir and its surroundings. Our Tellioğlu Feeds, which we have produced with many R&D studies by keeping the farm demands at the forefront, attract attention with their high milk and fattening performance. Our high quality and efficient feed varieties prepared with highly digestible raw materials are formulated according to field needs and benefit the sector.
Tellioğlu Group, which always gives importance to quality and natural raw materials in its production and stands out with its products based on public health, implemented the Tellioğlu Milling Facilities project in 2012. Tellioğlu Değirmen, located on the Istanbul-Izmir road; It has become a versatile roadside facility and a local food spot, producing its own vegetables and fruit, with its bakery products produced by sticking to traditional recipes from Tellioğlu Flour, where meat, milk and cheese produced in the surrounding districts of Balıkesir are used.


Tellioglu Group of Companies

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Tellioğlu has been producing flour and feed in Balıkesir since 1982. One of the factories with the highest production capacity in Turkey. We produce the right and high quality flours and pastas that we all deserve, with the support of technology, by using the most accurate and highest quality raw materials.

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Tellioglu Group of Companies